Why You Need to Make an Oral Cancer Screening Appointment

Why You Need to Make an Oral Cancer Screening Appointment

Oct 01, 2020

Regular dental exams are vital in ensuring your oral health is maintained. Underlying oral issues are identified, and initial treatment plans are laid out. It would help if you visited the dentist near you for dental check-ups to ensure all your oral tissues are in good condition. Mouth cancer tests are useful to manage the infection early before it leads to further complications. Your oral health affects your overall health, and it’s crucial to undergo routine dental examinations.

Getting adequate oral health care requires smart decisions and must incorporate proper consultation, preventive procedures, and suitable treatment. You need to identify ideal dentistry that provides comprehensive dental health procedures and treatment.

What the Procedure Entails

Oral cancer examination is performed to identify signs of precancerous lesions in your mouth. Early identification of mouth cancer may lead to cure through ideal treatment approaches. Additional tests are done during your appointment to identify your mouth tissues where there are abnormal cells.

During your screening procedure, your specialist examines your mouth to detect any signs of reddened tissues and sores associated with oral cancer. The presence of lumps and abnormal growth of your tissues might indicate that you have oral cancer.

Upon identification of precancerous cells, your expert uses suitable methods to suppress the spread. Special rinses can be done to differentiate your healthy cells from abnormal ones. If your condition is severe, an extensive biopsy procedure can be performed to verify whether your mouth cells are cancerous or not.

Why It’s Done

Cancer screening detects precancerous lesions that cause mouth cancer at an early stage. Early tests enable your specialist to remove lesions and manage your condition before a spread. You are likely to have cancer if you:

  • Smoke tobacco contained in cigarettes and pipes
  • Take alcohol excessively
  • Have had a previous oral cancer diagnosis
  • Were exposed to sunlight leading to lip cancer

It’s vital to undertake regular tests for cancer to ensure your dental practitioner identifies the cancer-causing cells early. Through proper consultation, you’ll find insight into reducing the risk of having cancer, and regular screening is crucial. During cancer screening, your specialist checks for signs of mouth sores or red or white patches, the presence of lumps, and tissue abnormalities. Other symptoms associated with oral cancer include:

  • Swellings around your gums, lips or inside your mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Speckled patches inside your mouth
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Persistent sores on your neck, face, or mouth that bleeds easily
  • Facial numbness and painful oral tissues
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing or moving your jaws

Tips on Oral Cancer Prevention

Maintaining proper oral health practices ensures that you preserve your oral tissues from infections. However, it’s essential to undergo regular check-ups to screen for oral cancer and prevent periodontal diseases. Below are vital measures you need to take in preventing oral cancer:

  • Schedule for a mouth cancer screening to ensure early detection and treatment for precancerous cells
  • Avoid smoking tobacco to reduce the risk of having cancer
  • Limit yourself from taking alcohol, which leads to more health issues
  • Take cancer-fighting foods that are rich in vitamin C and calcium
  • Ensure you are not exposed to sunlight excessively
  • Check Your Mouth for any Symptoms related to cancer and visit your dentist for examinations regularly.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Pueblo, Colorado

Your oral hygiene affects your overall health, and during your dental exams, your specialists can identify underlying health issues by examining your oral tissues. During your dental exams, our dentists at Union Ave Dental in Pueblo, Colorado, perform oral cancer screenings. We use specialized equipment to identify cancer lesions. Our dentists use a unique brush to remove cells and diagnose cancer. We also perform screening using blue light to help us identify abnormalities in your mouth tissues.

Our experienced team performs a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of your gums, cheeks, and tongue to check on any signs of red or white patches and sores. We perform physical tests under your tongue and oral tissues to identify any developed lumps. Our specialists can perform a biopsy to provide accurate results for mouth cancer tests. If your outcomes are positive, our oncologists recommend you to undergo immediate treatment. If you have any signs of cancer, please visit our dental facility near you in Pueblo, Colorado, and find ideal screening and therapy today.

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