The Benefits of a Dental Bridge for Tooth Restoration

The Benefits of a Dental Bridge for Tooth Restoration

Feb 01, 2021

We all strive to maintain our natural teeth, but sometimes you can lose one through an accident, decay, or infection. Losing a front tooth directly affects your smile. Losing a tooth affects your smile in the long run. Your teeth start moving towards the gap left by the missing tooth, affecting the alignment of your teeth.

Also, our teeth help in the pronunciation of words. Losing one or more teeth can affect your speech, especially if they are front ones.

Luckily, there are artificial options that can restore your smile and the functionality of your teeth. One of the most common options is dental bridges. A bridge closes the gap left by the missing tooth with a tooth-colored material supported by the surrounding teeth. In this blog, we will discuss this treatment in detail to help you understand its benefits and why you should go for it.


Bridges are quite versatile, and they can be for both cosmetic and restorative purposes. The most common uses are:

  • Repair a severely decayed tooth
  • Replace a knocked-out tooth.
  • Replace a broken tooth that is beyond saving.
  • Replace a tooth severely affected by gum disease.

A bridge looks pretty much like your natural teeth. Due to its aesthetic appearance, it can be used for front and back teeth. Your dentist will discuss with you everything you need to know about the procedure so you can both determine if you are a good candidate for it.

Most people are good candidates for the treatment since it is a less invasive procedure. As long as you have healthy teeth or dental implants to support, you are good to go.


Typically, bridges are made of either ceramic or porcelain. Both materials are strong, aesthetic, and stain-resistant. A porcelain bridge can last for more than ten years if you take proper care of it. If you want to combine appearance with durability, go for a bridge with a ceramic coating and metal base. Such a bridge can last for more than 15 years.


The bridge procedure will require you to visit your dentist at least two times. However, it does not take as long as a dental implant procedure. During the first visit, the dentist will discuss everything you need to know about the treatment, including the cost and the pros and cons of the treatment.

If you are satisfied, he will take impressions from your mouth and send them to the lab so they can prepare the bridge. But before that, he will have prepared your teeth to accept the bridge. He does this by slightly reducing the size of the surrounding teeth with a high-speed drill.

He will place a temporary bridge to preserve the space for a permanent bridge before allowing you to go home. It will take about two weeks for the dentist to prepare the bridge. Once it is ready, he will call you for placement. He will make sure it is a perfect fit and then cement it properly. Once it is cemented, it will look and function pretty much like a natural tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

There are various teeth replacement options, but why choose bridges? Well, they come with many benefits that make many people prefer them to their alternatives. These benefits include:


Compared to dentures, bridges are much more comfortable since they are fixed, and they won’t move while you are eating.

Fast Procedure

Typically, the bridge procedure will take you about two visits to the dentist. Within three weeks or so, you will have a fully functional bridge. The implant procedure takes at least three months and can be as long as nine months.

Relatively Affordable

Bridges offer functionality like that of a natural tooth, and it is quite affordable compared to dental implants.


If you take proper care of your bridges, they can last as long as 15 years without breaks or chips. The good thing is it is quite easy to care for them since they are pretty much like your natural teeth. You will not need to buy any special chemicals or change your care routine.

Wrapping Up

Bridges have a few downsides, but their advantages are much more than downsides. That’s probably why they have become quite popular in recent years. At Union Ave Dental, we provide restorative services of the highest quality, and you can count on us for bridges, implants, dentures, and more. Book an appointment now.

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