Emergency Dentistry in Pueblo, Colorado

Sometimes you experience an oral crisis that cannot wait for a dental appointment. Whether it is a knocked-out tooth, a fractured jaw, or even just drastic tooth pain, you can come to see us at Union Ave Dental in Pueblo, Colorado, for all of your emergency dental needs.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

An emergency dentist functions as an urgent care professional for the mouth. Their job consists of offering immediate treatment for injuries and conditions that cannot wait until an appointment is created. At Union Ave Dental, our dentist possesses many years of education and experience to provide quick, efficient care for a broad range of situations.

When you visit an emergency dentist like us, you do not need to schedule an appointment. Instead, you come to our office as soon as possible and explain the situation to our office staff. If you are facing a legitimate emergency, our dentist will begin treatment as soon as possible.

Who Needs Emergency Dentistry?

The treatment at our dental office is designed for patients in situations that cannot wait. These individuals are experiencing a scenario with a time limit – if they do not receive care as soon as possible, then their condition is likely to worsen.

Many people in Pueblo, Colorado don’t know what counts as an emergency, and it can be difficult to tell at the moment. If you or a loved one are experiencing one of the following situations, please come to our office as soon as possible:

  • A tooth has been physically knocked out
  • A tooth has broken or fractured
  • Someone bites their tongue and can’t stop the bleeding
  • There is severe oral pain preventing regular function
  • Someone breaks, fractures, or otherwise injures their jaw

In these cases, treatment is required immediately to repair the damage. Excessive oral swelling and bleeding can also count as an emergency, so don’t be afraid to visit.

Who to Do Before Arriving

If you have time, try to locate any dislodged teeth and avoid the temptation to wash them. If there is soft tissue attached, our dentist might be able to reattach it to the gums. If you are experiencing severe bleeding, use paper towels to block the flow.

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