Dental Implants in Pueblo, Colorado

Dental implants are the latest and most advanced methods of replacing missing teeth. They’re also the closest thing we have in dentistry to natural teeth. At Union Ave Dental in Pueblo, Colorado, we have a lot of experience with implants and all the required training and knowledge.

We believe that people shouldn’t live with missing teeth. At Union Ave Dental, we realized that people don’t usually neglect replacing a missing tooth that affects their smile. On the other hand, they might postpone or fail to replace one of their back teeth.

Why Replacement Is Important

Replacing a missing tooth is important regardless of its location. A missing front tooth is important for obvious reasons. It affects the smile and can make it hard to bite into food. A missing hind tooth, however, is also important to replace.

These teeth allow proper articulation and chewing. They will also impact your smile in the long run. When the rest of your teeth realize they have more space, they’ll start to shift away from each other, leading to gaps between teeth. To prevent all of this from happening, replacing a missing tooth promptly is essential.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth attached to a titanium screw. We place the screw into the jawbone first and let it fixate. This can take several months. During that time, we’ll place a temporary artificial tooth over the screw so you can eat and smile freely.

Once the screw becomes adherent to the jawbone, we’ll apply the permanent artificial tooth. These teeth aren’t removable, so don’t worry about taking them off and rinsing them. Implants are highly durable and last a lifetime for most of our patients.

If your jawbone is too weak to support the screw, we might have to try something other than an implant. Alternatively, we can strengthen it by using a bone graft. Very few patients need this, however, so there’s no need to get into it now.

We’ll explain everything during your visit and tell you what to expect. You will also receive instructions on how to take good care of the implant.

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