Four Reasons Why You Need Dental Sealants for Your Child

Four Reasons Why You Need Dental Sealants for Your Child

Jun 01, 2020

Children are twice as much more likely to develop dental cavities than adults. Not only because of the consumption of sugary foods that are a threat to the enamel, but also because of their poor dental hygiene. Most children do not know the proper brushing techniques and rarely brush their back teeth. These increase the risk of plaque buildup, providing a conducive environment for bacteria to fester.

Although dental sealants are not a replacement for brushing and flossing, they do offer a protective layer that can shield the teeth from cavities and decay.

The popularity of these teeth coatings has surged in the last two decades. Most parents are apprehensive about dental sealants, and understandably so. However, according to the Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association, dental sealants are a safe protective layer that can prevent dental cavities.

At Union Ave Dental, we offer dental sealants as part of our preventive children’s dentistry service, and here are four reasons to consider getting the sealants.

1. They Preserve the Integrity of the Teeth and Dental Structure

According to the CDC, dental sealants prevent 80 percent of cavities in the first year of application and 55 percent in the fourth year onwards. Furthermore, they state that children without sealants are twice more likely to develop dental sealants that those that have them. That is a reason enough to get the sealants.

But, dental sealants do more than just prevent decay. These plastic coatings are applied to permanent teeth, mostly the molars. They create small grooves that shield the teeth from food accumulation and bacterial attack. This preserves the dental structure and protects the teeth from extraction.

When the teeth are extracted, they not only leave gaps in between but will also cause the other teeth to weaken. The missing teeth will affect jaw development and create the need for orthodontic treatment and other dental procedures later in life.

2. Dental Sealants Are an Affordable and Non-invasive Procedure

The sealant application process is fast and simple, which is a relief for children with dental phobia.

  • The dentist will first remove any plaque buildup and debris present and the teeth dried using a cotton
  • An acid solution is put on the crown (the chewing surface) to roughen it up and make it easy for the sealant to stick.
  • Next, the solution is rinsed off and the sealant painted on the enamel. The dentist might use a special light to harden the sealant
  • Finally, the teeth are evaluated for any spaces

Most dental insurance cover dental sealants for children below 15 years. But, still, the cost of the sealant is affordable whether you have insurance or not.

3. The Dental Sealants Are Long-lasting

According to the CDC estimate, the dental sealants can last for nine or ten years, before they are removed. Reapplication of the sealants is not necessary because the teeth will have attained maturity and less prone to decay.

The dental sealants do, however, need regular assessment to check for cracks and chips.

4. The Sealants Have Little Risk

A major concern among parents is the content of Bisphenol A. BPA is found in plastic and is believed to affect the nervous, immune, and thyroid function. However, according to the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control, dental sealants contain little BPA that doesn’t have any effect on your child’s health.

However, there are other forms of sealants you can use, but they may not be as effective. Speak to a pediatric dentist on the different types of sealants, their pros, and cons.

What Are the Other Ways of Preventing Pediatric Dental Decay?

Apart from the sealants, it is essential to use fluoride to support the teeth. Fluoride toothpaste is not recommended for children below three years, but you can opt for fluoridated water. Alternatively, consult the dentist on the use of fluoride supplements.

Maintain dental hygiene, have regular dental checkups, and limit the consumption of sugary foods.

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Dental sealants are not a replacement for brushing, but, they add a layer of protection. Visit Union Ave Dental for dental sealants application.

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